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Southern Polymer, Inc.
Code of Ethics

We adopt this Code of Ethics to guide our decisions and actions.

We aspire to be a company that is recognized globally for its character and values. As such, we seek to understand the needs of our customers, suppliers and co-workers, decide the right way to serve them and demonstrate the ability and commitment to act accordingly.

We pledge commitment and allegiance to our professional values:

  • Safety providing a working environment where the safety
    of our co-workers and visitors is steadfastly protected
  • Integrity making decisions and taking action based on
    our professional values
  • Honesty being truthful and seeking to discover the truth
  • Responsibility fulfilling obligations and accepting consequences
  • Respect recognizing the dignity and worth of others, and
    our dependence on them in the pursuit of our endeavors
  • Justice strictly adhering to laws and regulations
  • Competence demonstrating proficiency, expertise and
    Professionalism, and sharing ideas and information to make better decisions.
  • Courage doing what is right despite uncertainty and risk

We will strive to continuously develop our professional values, seeking to improve these attributes in order to be worthy of the trust of our customers, suppliers and co-workers, and contribute to their success.


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